Revd TJ Jones (Curate)

A picture of TJ

Revd TJ Jones (Curate)

As a Navy-trained nurse, TJ worked for many years in Accident & Emergency
and has seen life in all its colour and chaos and cared for those in their first
moments of life and their last. She has lived in places as far-flung as Kiribati
in the South Pacific, the Falklands in the South Atlantic and Gibraltar, the
most southerly tip of Europe… Not to mention Cologne, Berlin and Rheindahlen. 

In 2014, TJ joined nearby Stoke Poges Church as a “Ministry Trainee” while
studying with Sarum College, Salisbury and then Ripon College, Cuddesdon.
TJ began her Title Post in Hughenden and now joins us to complete her
Curacy as an Associate-Focus, Self-Supporting Minister.  Her heart is with
people who sometimes feel “on the edge” of church life for whatever reason.
She’s particularly looking forward to being involved with the new ‘Hub’,
serving the church and community.

TJ describes herself as creative, fun-loving and adventurous but quiet
in a noisy sort of way! She values pilgrimage and prayer and walked the
Camino de Santiago (500+ miles across Spain) in 2019… so it probably
won’t be hard to persuade her to go for a “walk ‘n’ talk” - Especially on a
sunny afternoon… but not an early morning!!!  

Richard, Tracey’s husband, is on the PCC of Hazlemere Church where
he plays keyboard for worship and is Chair of the Mission Committee.
Their two children, Ashley and Ruth, are now “grown & flown” and both
work in performing arts.


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