Baptism (Christening) and Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

Baptism (Christening) is the ancient form of entry into the Christian Church. It is intended for those who wish to follow (and in the case of infant baptism for their child to follow) the Christian faith. Parents and Godparents will be asked to attend a preparation session and to be content to make the vows contained in the service. More information about the service and an example of the words of the service can be found here.

Some parents are not quite ready to make the vows and commitments called for in baptism but want to acknowledge the importance of God and the Church in the life of their child. For this, there is the lovely service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child. More information and words can be found here.

Please contact the Rector to discuss how we can welcome your child into the Church, and after meeting the Rector, for Baptism/Christening you will be asked to download, complete, and return this form.

There is no fee for a Baptism or Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child.

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