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St. Mary's Church Yard Notice

St. Mary’s Churchyard


We want our churchyard to once more become a tranquil and tidy place that will please all who visit.  To achieve this (as some of you will have read in the Parish Magazine) we will, over the next few weeks, be working toward applying the regulations relating to churches throughout Buckinghamshire* by removing unauthorised items (such as dead flowers, wreaths, empty pots, ornaments, etc.) from plots and graves.


In recent years some areas have accumulated things which detract from the atmosphere of tranquillity we desire for everyone who spends time here.  We realise that family and friends are not always able to tend graves and plots themselves, so, where items have not already been collected, we will remove and retain them for 6 weeks.  Relatives may contact Gill Knight (01753 822986) regarding items they hope to collect. 


We fully recognise these are very sensitive matters and we appreciate your help and understanding as we take steps to restore our churchyard to the peaceful, well-kept place we feel it deserves to be.    


Some of you regularly come to tend the graves of loved ones; to mourn; for prayer; reflection and remembrance – others visit to admire the flora and fauna that thrive here or just to sit and be still.  Whatever your reason, we welcome you.


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*A copy of the regulations can be read in the church porch, is available from the Priest in Charge and is issued whenever we receive an application for the interment of ashes.  Full regulations may be found on the website of the Diocese of Oxford.




Church Wardens and Parochial Church Council